Thursday 3 September 2015

Long Eared Owl ...........Sandwich Bay

Long Eared Owl.

Whilst checking bird news services yesterday morning i noticed a message saying there was a Long eared owl showing well at Sandwich bay , i hadn't seen one yet this year and they are a bird that i always enjoy seeing anyway , so i decided to head over there to try and see it , now when i saw the message " showing well " the best i hoped for is that it would be partially visible in it's daytime roost (like most sightings of this species).

How wrong could i have been , i parked up at the observatory and got on site instructions and made my way across to where the bird was showing , my first reaction was " Wow " , the Long eared owl was perched right out in the open for the whole world to see , certainly by far the best views i have ever had of this species.

Photos don't really do this magnificent bird justice (and i took quite a few) but here are a couple of them. To really appreciate this bird it's worth clicking on the image to get the full size view.

Eyes slightly open.

Having a snooze.

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