Friday 9 October 2015

Restharrow Scrape .......... Sandwich Bay

Jack Snipe.

I paid a lunchtime visit to Restharrow Scrape in Sandwich on 6th October in the hope of seeing the Jack Snipe which had been seen from the hide in the last couple of days , it didn't take me long to see it although it was very obscured in the grass , you could pick it out as it often "bobbed" up & down like they do.

Jack Snipe sleeping.

Here's a short video of the Jack Snipe doing it's "bobbing" up & down motion.

"Bobbing" Jack Snipe.

There were plenty of Common Snipe around which were far more obliging than the Jack Snipe.

Common Snipe.

Cracking head pattern.

I had a drive along the Ancient highway in the hope of seeing Wheatears or/and Chat's , however i drew a blank on both but had more than compensation in a very close Short Eared Owl.

Short Eared Owl.


Being mobbed by two Rooks.

I had a walk around the Elm's and added a couple of Goldcrest and a single Coal Tit which was new for my Sandwich Bay bird list.


  1. Great short eared owl, hoping to see one myself this winter

    1. Thanks Simon , hope you see one , Sandwich is quite reliable for them at the moment


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