Friday, 19 February 2016

Cattle Egret near Frittenden

Cattle Egret at Hareplain.

I went over to Hareplain near Frittenden today to try and see the Cattle Egret which is a great local find by @SteveBDunge , i bumped into another birder who had seen it earlier flying towards Hareplain , i had a drive around the area without any luck and then headed back to the original site .

Flying over the road towards Buckhurst farm.

When i returned the original birder i saw was watching the Cattle Egret which was in the sheep field , he said it was hidden there the whole time , (must of been a Little Egret he saw fly off earlier ?) .

Anyhow i soon saw the Cattle Egret through my bins before it did take off and flew around us and landed in the fields just below Buckhurst Farm , it was always distant and i never got any decent photos of it , (poor light & distance being my excuse).

Here are a couple of digi scoped photos i managed to get , there was also a single Little Egret in the same field.

Digi scoped Cattle Egret.


  1. Hi Rob, was in the area this afternoon but didn't see it. What time did you get onto it? Was it with the sheep?

    1. Hi , i was there approx half 12 to about 1pm , first off it was in with the sheep then flew over the road and landed in the field with horses just below Buckhurst farm , good luck if you go again


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