Monday, 21 March 2016

Portesham & New Forest Birding

Pallas's Warbler at Portesham in Dorset.

I have seen some really great photos of the wintering Pallas's Warbler in Dorset on twitter and thought i would go and have a look myself when i did my annual trip to the New Forest .

So last Thursday the 17th March i headed to Portesham in Dorset and made my way around to the disused railway area where the bird has been seen from , well it didn't long before this delightful bird made an appearance . All wing bars , head stripes and constant movement as this little gem moved through the trees & bushes.

Lovely Yellow rump.

Central crown stripe.

Double wing bars & broad supercillium.

Striking head pattern.

I watched this stunning bird for well over an hour and had some cracking views , my photos don't really do the bird justice and if you have never seen one before i would recommend you take the trip to see this one.

Dartford Warbler  at Acres Down in the New Forest.

On my way back from Dorset i called into Acres Down in the New Forest and had superb views of a Dartford Warbler , which was singing it's heart out .

Dartford Warbler.

Little white feathers on it's throat.

I did my normal stake out in the hope of seeing Goshawk , however it was quite hazy & slightly misty which didn't bode well for raptor watching , however i did see at least 3 Common Buzzards and after a couple of hours i eventually saw a distant Goshawk , great views through the scope but to far to attempt a photo .

Record shot of a Goshawk taken in 2015.

I decided i would head back towards my car and search for Firecrest around the car park , however as i was making my way along the path i saw 2 Woodlarks .

1 of 2 Woodlarks.

Really pleased to see these smart birds , i had no luck with the Firecrest but did see plenty of Siskins & Coal Tits plus i added a Red Kite  going over the M3 on my way home !!


  1. What a lovely little warbler, with a Mr T Mohican to boot!


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