Thursday, 21 April 2016

Lady Amherst's Pheasant ......... At Lidlington

Male Lady Amherts's Pheasant.

I hadn't seen Lady Ameherst's Pheasant since the late eighties in North Wales and more or less thought i would never see one again til news last year broke of the sole surviving bird at Lidlington became public knowledge , i  went several times without success , only hearing the bird on every occasion.

Fantastic long tail.

So this year when news that the Lady A had survived another winter i once again tried my luck   on Monday the 18th April for another attempt at seeing this elusive bird , same result as last year sadly , just heard it calling , ok this is becoming a real challenge !!!! 

Strutting it's stuff.

I once again tried one final time and went on Wednesday 20th April .

I arrived at 7.30am and instantly heard it calling as i walked through the cemetery , it was seen the day before from the lower ride and not entirely sure exactly where this was i deducted it must of been from the more open area before the main woodland.

Anyhow i waited here in the hope of being successful and was joined by other birders who came & went as the morning went on until finally there were 5 of us waiting patiently and then the shout went up at 10.15am  " There it is " , fantastic the male Lady Amherst's Pheasant was standing in all it's glory in the middle of the path and my patience and perseverance eventually had paid off .

Lady Amherst's Pheasant.

I also saw Red Kite , Common Buzzard , Kestrel & Sparrowhawk from this view point plus i heard and saw plenty of warblers such as Common & Lesser Whitethroat , Willow Warbler , Chiffchaff & Blackcap.


Red Kite



  1. Fantastic bird, bet loads got shot for those tail feathers

    1. Incredible looking bird , i agree Simon , i believe most of the North Wales birds were shot by gamekeepers


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