Saturday 20 August 2016

Stone Curlew at Dungeness Rspb

Stone Curlew in Hayfield.3

On Thursday the 18th August i checked the bird news  and was surprised to see news of a Stone Curlew was being seen in Hayfield 3 at Dungeness , i have never seen Stone Curlew in Kent so i was very keen to try and see this one , i quickly got my birding gear together and was out the door and on my way .

As usual the traffic was quite slow going this time of day along the A251 , but i just kept on going in the hope the Stone Curlew would still be there , i eventually arrived along Denge marsh road at approx 2.30pm , i met another birder who was just returning to his car who kindly informed me it was still present !!!!

I made my way across Springfield bridge and along the track to Hayfield 3 , there was only one other birder there who gave me directions to where the Stone Curlew was , it took some finding as it was down in a dip and you could only just see it's head.

Eventually it started to move around and feed , a fantastic addition to my Kent & Dungeness bird list , here are a few photos i took.

Stone Curlew.

I watched this bird for approx an hour before i headed back home very happy , i also heard several Bearded Tits and saw a couple of fly over Yellow Wagtails , when i got back to my car i heard then saw 2 Ravens plus a single Marsh Harrier drifted over the reserve.

1 of the 2 Ravens.