Saturday, 10 June 2017

Storm Petrels from......Deal Pier

European Storm Petrel.

I was checking the local bird news last Wednesday morning the 7th June when i noticed there had been several sightings of European Storm Petrel  from Sandwich Bay beach & Deal Pier plus a single sighting from North Foreland in Thanet.

I have seen hundreds of Storm Petrels from various sites in the UK but have never seen a single bird in Kent , i had a doctors appointment at lunch time and didn't have enough time to get to Sandwich & back in time for my appointment , plus sea birds being sea birds i didn't think they would linger long enough for me to see them !!!!

Very close views from the Pier.

I once again checked the local bird news after my doctors appointment and was both surprised & happy that the Storm Petrels were still lingering off shore ranging from Deal Pier to Pegwell Bay , i decided to try my luck from Pegwell , i arrived on site and made my way around to the hide , however the tide was out but coming in but even if the Storm Petrels were there they would only be dots from that distance , i did see 3 Spoonbills which was great to see.

I decided to head to Deal Pier and thankfully i was treated to some absolutely fantastic views of these cracking sea birds , i saw 4 European Storm Petrels all together and they were a very welcome addition to my Kent bird list.

Walking on water.

European Storm Petrel.

When i was editing my photo's i noticed one of the Storm Petrels was ringed .

Ringed Storm Petrel.

Unfortunately the photos are not great quality so i couldn't get any detail on the rings.


  1. Big congrats Rob. A super bird to see in Kent and what a lovely set of photos, the top photo is probably the best ever Storm Petrel shot taken in Kent.


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