Friday, 11 May 2018

Some Local Birding...... Hard Going at Times

                                     4th May 2018 : Swalecliffe

Grasshopper Warbler.

On Friday the 4th of May i headed to Swalecliffe and run the normal gauntlet of Dogs (including a rather unfriendly looking pit bull type) to try and see the Grasshopper Warbler that had been showing well recently , it didn't take me long to hear this 'Reeling Warbler' and i soon picked it out on top of a bush 'Reeling'.

Nice shaped tail.

I watched this superb bird for a short time as i didn't want to disturb it , it was pretty much on show the whole time i was there only dropping down out of sight when said dogs came running past. Many thanks to Arnie & Chidders for local info.

8th May 2018 : Dungeness Seawatch

07.30am to 10.00am

Arctic Skua    1 DP east

Fulmar  2 east

Whimbrel  4 east

Bar Tailed Godwit  1 east

Black tailed Godwit  90 west 

Sandwich Tern  50+  east & west

Common Tern  50+   east & west

Little Tern  4  east

Common Scoter  60+  east

Shoveler  1 east

Swallow  2 in off

There was also at least 20 Great crested Grebes on the sea plus quite a few Porpoise further out.

Great crested Grebes 

Having a fly past.

I had a break from sea watching as it was quite slow  and the light conditions made it hard going , i called into the Arc pit and saw a couple of  Dragonflies which i was reliably informed are Four-Spotted Chasers, many thanks to all who helped with the id of these.

Four-Spotted Chaser.

I didn't see much at the Arc so went over to the Rspb and saw 3 Little Gulls and 4 Bar Tailed Godwits & 20+ Common Terns.

Little Gull.

Bar Tailed Godwit's.

However once again there just wasn't many birds around so i decided to have another go at sea watching and was pleased i did !!

Seawatch :  14.15pm  to 16.00pm

Arctic Skua  3 LP & 7 DP east

Pomarine Skua   1 DP  (full spoons)  east at 15.55pm

Manx Shearwater  1 east

Common Scoter  25+  east

Whimbrel  1 heard only

Kittiwake  2 west

Plus the usual Gannets , Common & Sandwich Terns moving east & west the same as this morning.

Flock of migrating Whimbrel.

11th  May : Oare Marshes


I called over to Oare marshes in time for high tide today at 10.00am , there wasn't much variation on the East flood , the usual Black tailed Godwits & Dunlin were the only waders on the flood , the water levels are still very high here , 

I bumped into MW & RR who had done the whole circuit and things seemed to be very quite all around , we did see a close Marsh Harrier and a distant Peregrine whilst chatting plus several Common Swifts made an appearance.

After MW & RR said their goodbyes i was lucky enough to be checked out by a Hobby which gave close views before drifting of west.

Close view of a Hobby.

I did also see a distant Turtle Dove  near the weather vane which was a most welcome addition to my year list.

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