Thursday, 18 July 2019

Returning Bonaparte's Gull & Lesser Yellowlegs at Oare Marshes

                                 July 10th  :  Oare Marshes


Adult Bonaparte's Gull on East Flood.

I received a text message from MW on Wednesday 10th July at approx 5.35am informing me the Bonaparte's Gull was back at Oare marshes and roosting on the East flood !!!1

About an hour or so later i joined MW & RR by the East flood looking from the road and sure enough now back for it's 7th year the Adult Bonaparte's Gull was having a well earned kip near the pull-in.

On high tide the East flood is the best place to see the Bonaparte's Gull , low tide it favours the mud near the slip way and can be seen having a feast on all the lug worm. 

Having a preen near slip way.

You can just about see the white on the under-wing.

The water levels are still quite high on the East flood however there is a bit of mud and shallow water in the South east corner , MW suggested it might be worth a look , so we headed off in that direction.

Lesser Yellowlegs.

We were all scanning through the numerous Black tailed Godwits & Redshanks when MW & myself both got on a wader which made us both think ' What's that ??'

After discussing the possibility's MW suggested Lesser Yellowlegs and after making double sure of all the features, we all agreed that indeed that is what it is !!!!

MW sent out more txt messages and i tweeted the news out and RR just enjoyed the bird !!!

Lesser Yellowlegs.

This was a new bird for all our Oare marsh bird lists , there has been 2 previous records however both were one day only birds.

The Lesser Yellowlegs flew out into Faversham creek at one point with Redshank but thankfully soon returned.

Flying back into East flood.

Lesser Yellowlegs.

The Lesser Yellowlegs is still present as i write (18-7-2019) and still favours the South east corner of the East flood, i have seen it alongside Spotted Redshank & Wood Sandpiper , it has also roosted on the island near the road on occasion.

Spotted Redshank & Lesser Yellowlegs

Lesser Yellowlegs & Wood Sandpiper.

Lesser Yellowlegs roosting near road.

Hopefully the water levels will drop some more to expose some muddy fringes and who knows what else might turn up !!!!!