Tuesday 19 November 2019

One Pending.........One Lifer !!!

                                      4th November :  Sennen Cornwall

Paddyfield Pipit

On 4th November i joined up with RR and headed to Sennen in Cornwall in the hope of seeing the 'Pipit Species' that has or had everyone guessing on what it was ???

Large bellied & long legged.

It had a really upright stance (similar to a Wheatear) , long legged and a pot bellied appearance which reminded me of Richard's Pipit, it was in heavy moult so no real plumage details helped with the id, a heavy large billed bird.

Often run rather quite fast.

It was heard to call several times and expert analyst has come back with evidence of it being Paddyfield Pipit !!!! i also believe some droppings have been gathered and sent of for DNA testing, 

Paddyfield Pipit.

It will be very interesting to see what the final outcome of this bird will be , even if it comes back as Paddyfield Pipit (which would be the first record for UK) there is still the small matter of how did it get to the UK in the first place !!!!

So for now it goes on the Pending list.

12th November : Corporation Marshes Suffolk

Eastern Yellow Wagtail.

A trip to Walberswick in Suffolk on the 12th was very successful with great views of the Eastern Yellow Wagtail on Corporation marshes .

Having a preen.

The EYW was very vocal which is a key id feature of this species, the hind claw was also noticeably longer.

Eastern Yellow Wagtail

The Eastern Yellow Wagtail was a new bird for me , i was also pleased to see several Snow Buntings nearby.

Snow Buntings