Thursday 2 January 2020

Taking a Break.....From Blogging

Long eared Owl.

I have decided after 10 years of doing this blog to take a break from it, i have really enjoyed doing the blog from running quizzes which proved popular at the time to just my general ramblings about my birding adventures around the country and abroad.

However i have struggled over the last year to find the enthusiasm i once had writing about my trips, hopefully in the future i might refind that same enthusiasm and restart my blog but for now i will just leave it up for anyone who wishes to re visit my past trips.

Many thanks to all those who have  visited my blog over the years, very much appreciated

Kind Regards


  1. Best wishes, hope you refind the enthusiasm soon Rob.

  2. All the best Rob, look forward to when you restart.

  3. Only met you once,when the white tailed plover was at the ARC, but have enjoyed your blog,as one of the last twitchers to detail their experiences.