Saturday 27 June 2020

Long eared Owl .......At Oare Marshes

                                         20th June 2020 :  Oare Marshes

Long eared Owl.

After spending a very pleasant day in East Sussex watching Common Redstart, Tree Pipit, Siskin & Crossbill among many other birds , i received a txt message  from MW (many thanks) informing me of a Long eared Owl showing near the car park at Oare marshes.

I was soon heading there and joining the already assembled local birders , the LEO had dropped down into the reed bed and only the head was visible , i had seen it and was thinking that this is a typical view of a LEO .

As you can see by the assorted photos the Long eared Owl eventually showed fantastically well out in the open , mostly snoozing but keep it's eyes & ears on it's admiring audience.

This superb bird was a new addition to my Oare Marsh bird list.

Long eared Owl

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