Monday 28 September 2020

Seawatching Totals from Oare Marshes & Hampton Pier over the weekend



Great Skua from previous trip in 2018.

A long weekend of Seawatching at both Oare Marshes and Hampton Pier at various times and days was my schedule this weekend , here are my personal highlight  totals :

                                              24th September : Oare Marshes

                                              to 13.45 pm

                                      Early rain clearing on a strong NW wind

POMARINE SKUA       1 Juv      flew into Faversham creek

                               (New bird for my Oare Marshes bird list)

Great Skua     6+

Arctic Skua    1 Dark Phase

Arctic Tern     2+

Sandwich Tern  35+

Pintail  5+

Teal  100+

Eider  3  on sea near Castle Coote

Med Gull  1 Adult

                                                25th September  ;  Oare Marshes

                                                           7.45am to 10.20am

                                                              Strong NW wind

Great Skua  7+

Arctic Skua  1

Arctic Tern  1 juv

Sandwich Tern  5+

Wigeon  5+

Teal  5+

Hen Harrier  1 'Ringtail'     Flew up Faversham Creek then over East flood.

Merlin  1  over Swale

Marsh Harrier  2 over Swale

Egyptian Goose  6 flew over Swale towards Nagden

                                           25th September :  Hampton Pier

                                                   12.11pm to 17.35pm

                                                  Strong NNW wind

SOOTY SHEARWATER     1  East  picked up first by SC ,  good but distant views.

Manx Shearwater    4 west

LONG TAILED SKUA  1 juv west    in with a group of 4 Arctic Skuas

Arctic Skua  7+ west

Great Skua  15+  west

Black throated Diver 1 west       close in,  in partial summer plumage

Red Throated Diver   1 west

Sandwich Tern  15+ west

Kittiwake  1 adult west

Gannet      100+         mostly west & mostly juv birds

Common Scoter  6 east

Teal  5+  west

Brent Goose 1 west

Common Snipe  2 west

Golden Plover  20+ west

Probable Leach's Petrel  1 west. 

Really distant views of a Petrel species (as far out as the wind turbines)  and only got onto the bird late, flight pattern & size looked good, at that range can't think what else it could be ??

                    27th September :  Hampton Pier   (should have gone to Oare !!!) 

                                                       7am  to 9.30am

                                                    Strong NNW wind

Great Skua  2+  west

Arctic Skua  1   west

Fulmar    1         west

Gannet   50+      west

Little Gull  1 adult west    close in  only seen by AE.

Common Scoter  10+  west & east

Wigeon  25+  west

Teal  2+ west

Brent Goose  15+  west

Red Throated Diver  2 east

Fulmar from a previous trip in 2018.