Tuesday, 2 March 2021

Blog Update........ Just Garden Birding


Just a short blog post about my recent birdwatching activities, well not much to tell in all honesty,  i haven't been out birdwatching since 2nd January , NO Mockingbird or Rare Sparrow twitch for me !!!! 

However i have enjoyed Garden birdwatching and feel lucky to have a garden to do so, the obvious highlight was a 'Ringtial' Hen Harrier on the 20th February and also a Woodcock flyover on the 7th February which were both new species for the Garden bird list !!!!

Sparrowhawk .

Another highlight was a superb Sparrowhawk which caught & killed a Starling , not so superb for the Starling i would think......


There's been plenty of the regular garden birds to enjoy including the above Goldfinch i have nicknamed ' Goldylocks ', don't know why i named it that but hey ho..., i see this particular bird every day perched between these two branches and it has a distinctive long claw which must hinder it, poor bird.

Here's a selection of some of the other regular birds seen recently.


Blue Tit.



I am really looking forward to be able to go back out birdwatching as soon as it's possible to do so safely (I will be having my 1st dose of  the vaccine  this weekend) , so for the time being garden birdwatching will do for me.

The latest new garden bird species was 2 Linnets heard & seen flying other the garden on the 27th February which brings the Garden bird list total to : 70 . I include any birds seen or heard in or flying over my garden.