Monday, 24 May 2021

New Bird for my Sheppy Bird List....

                                           8th May  :  Old Ferry Road  Sheppy


Cattle Egret.

On Saturday the 8th May we headed to Old Ferry Road on the Isle of Sheppy in the hope of seeing the Cattle Egrets that had taken up residence there over the last few weeks.

As we came over the old bridge we could see in the distance at least 3 Cattle Egrets and as we eventually pulled up along the road a further 2 birds flew in making a total of 5 Cattle Egrets !!

3 of the 5 Cattle Egrets.

These birds were in superb breeding plumage and one bird in particular was much further advanced in it's plumage, they came very close at times (we stayed in the car) and on occasion they would get flushed by a Marsh Harrier , they would then fly around and eventually would return to their favoured field.

Having a fly around.

Here are a small selection of photos :

Cattle Egret.

On checking my bird notes these Cattle Egrets are surprisingly  the first ones i have ever seen on the Isle of Sheppy.