Friday 12 November 2021

South Landing Flamborough

                               6th November 2021 : South Landing Flamborough 



Red Flanked Bluetail


On Saturday the 6th November i travelled up to South Landing Flamborough in the hope of seeing Taiga Flycatcher & Red Flanked Bluetail.

There was no news as we travelled towards Flamborough, then positive news came out that the Red Flanked Bluetail was still present but negative news on the Taiga Flycatcher .

Remaining high up in canopy

However we carried on our journey in the hope of the Taiga Flycatcher being re found, 20 mins away from South Landing the MEGA ALERT went off !!!!


Lovely orange flanks

 We arrived on site and made our way around  through the woods having great views of the Red Flanked Bluetail as we went.

Red Flanked Bluetail

We eventually reached the area the Taiga Flycatcher was favouring and saw it more or less straight away, it was keeping high up in the canopy affording good but brief views, it was hard to pick out at times until it flew then you could locate and watch it preen or catch a bug to eat.

Taiga Flycatcher

We watched the Taiga Flycatcher for over an hour getting some really great views however it stayed high up most of the time.

We went for another look at the Red Flanked Bluetail which was still showing well, then we went back to the Taiga Flycatcher as there was less people there now and the noise level had dropped which unsurprisingly made the Taiga Flycatcher come down lower to almost eye level.

Here are a selection of photos :

Taiga Flycatcher