Sunday 25 July 2010

3 Patch Ticks

 Black-Tailed Godwits & Redshank plus 5 Greenshank 

I am by no means an avid " patch watcher " but when i am not off twitching some rarity in Kent or elsewhere i often come to this superb reserve , Oare marshes is one of the best sites in Kent (in my opinion) to get up close and personal to waders and wildfowl and if i was any good a photography my photos would show that , the above picture is part of a massive mixed flock of Black-Tailed Godwits and Redshank in various plumage's , i roughly estimated there was 1000 + Godwits and 100 + Redshanks mixed in , i also had very good views of 35+ Golden Plover in superb plumage .

Golden Plover.

I had a walk around the East flood and heard and saw several Bearded Tits and Reed Warblers were quite vocal too, as i walked past the sea watching hide that over looks the Swale i heard then saw my first patch tick of the morning a Grey Wagtail which was also a year tick for me,
it flew over my head and made its way down the creek towards the village.

 I continued my walk all the time more and more Godwits were flying in , i eventually made my way round the bend and soon heard a very vocal Corn Bunting , to my surprise when i checked my records when i got home this was also a Patch tick for me ! 

I continued along the path and decided to sit on a bench not far from the hide that overlooks the East flood , this gave me a better vantage point to check the flood and i was soon year ticking a Common Sandpiper , then i heard a  warbler " tacking " in the bushes behind me and after a couple of minutes it gave its self up and i was Patch and year ticking Lesser Whitethroat .

 Black-Tailed Godwits.

I continued checking out the flood and saw a couple of Common Snipe flying around in there mad way, and soon 5 Greenshank flew in to join the Godwits , 2 Dunlin and 5 Avocets joined in the ever growing mass of waders  and i finished my trip here on 13 species of wader , not bad for 2 hours of birding !!!