Sunday 1 August 2010

Third Time Lucky !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Another attempt to see the immature Spoonbill that has been commuting between Oare Marshes and Elmley proved very successful when i popped into Oare before going to a friends for dinner , the Spoonbill was on the East Flood when i arrived just before 11am.

It was quite actively feeding and was a joy to see , it walked along to one of the small islands and started to preen then it decided that was enough action for one morning and tucked its spoon shaped bill under its wing and had a mid morning snooze , which seems to be the case for most Spoonbill sightings , i managed a few photos which for me i didn't think were to

Sleeping Spoonbill with two Avocets.

I also had really good views of Little Egret and Ruff , there was very good numbers of Black-Tailed Godwit, Redshank plus lesser numbers of Golden Plover than the previous week also i saw 1 Spotted Redshank for good measure.

Little Egret .


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