Sunday 2 June 2013

Bonapartes Gull ..........Revisited

Stunning Black Tailed Godwit.

 On Saturday morning i headed to Dover to try for the Great Reed Warbler  and after 45 minutes and a long chat with the finder of the warbler i accepted defeat as it had clearly moved on , i decided to head to Oare Marshes for the 1s Bonapartes Gull  , i arrived on site and with some helpful info i was soon on the bird which was on the mud flats opposite the sea hide , i watched this for a few minutes when it took to flight and landed on the other side of the creek and was quite distant  , whist i was watching this another birder picked out a single Little Tern which was a welcome year tick  .

Black Tailed Godwits in flight.

After a while i decided to check out the roosting Black Tailed Godwits and enjoyed some close views , a Marsh Harrier flew over the East Flood and spooked all the godwits which gave me some splendid views , i also added a Peregrine Falcon  from here flying behind the the hide on the flood which was another year tick  , plenty of Bearded Tits gave  some brief flight views and i heard at least 2 Cettis Warblers .