Saturday 29 June 2013

Its a bit Ruff at Oare

1 of 2 Ruff .

I spent a couple of hours at Oare Marshes today in the hope of getting some better photos of the Bonapartes , well i could not locate it , i guess it was somewhere in Faversham creek as the tide was out , my other target was to see the 2 Ruff which were in great plumage , i quickly found the one which is partial summer dress , and this bird showed well quite near the pull in on the East flood .

Ruff having a stretch .

After a scan with my scope i located the 2nd Ruff which is in stunning plumage , it has a lovely golden ruff , with great plumage detail on its wings and mantle , it is also coloured ringed , it remained in the middle of the east flood the whole time i was there and was always just to far away to get a photo .

Close Little Egret .

I decided to walk around the east flood to Faversham creek and ventured past the hide and as i approached the sluice i flushed a Little Egret  from a nearby dyke , well i don't know who jumped the most , me or the egret , it did not fly far before landing on the railings by the sluice .

fluffed up Little Egret .

I then walked along Faversham creek to look for the Bonapartes without success however there must of been a billion midges along that route which made birding abit uncomfortable , i did hear a couple of Bearded Tis which put in a brief appearance before disappearing into the reeds , however a male Reed Bunting posed for the camera .

Male Reed Bunting .

I did not add much more along here and ended back at the East flood , there were some really smart Black Tailed Godwits in various plumage colouration , Avocets were well represented and there was a single Oystercatcher in with the Godwits , i had another scan across the flood and the male Ruff  was still feeding in the same areas as earlier , i had a Hobby fly over head a couple of times and then decided it was time to head home for a well earned mug of coffee .

Black Tailed Godwits in stunning plumage.