Monday, 22 June 2015

Returning Bonaparte's Gull .......At Oare Marshes

Adult summer Bonaparte's Gull.

I received a very early text message from Rich " the twitch" on Saturday morning informing me that the Bonaparte's Gull had returned for it's 3rd year running , so without haste i headed over to Oare and duly caught up with Richard and Murray W who had found this cracking looking bird 3 years in a row .

 A lot of returning Gull's end up with nicknames ie: "Waldo" the returning Ring Billed Gull in Gosport plus "Rossi" another returning Ring Billed Gull in Essex , if i had to choose a nickname for this returning Bonaparte's Gull i would call it " Murray" for the simple reason Murray has incredibly found this bird each of the previous 3 years , just a thought !! 

Black hood extending into nape.

White eye crescents clearly visible at distance .

The Bonaparte's was on the East flood when i arrived but then flew out onto the exposed mud on the Swale , and it proceeded to do this most of the morning.

Note white underwing in flight.

Bonaparte's Gull .

Whilst watching the Bonaparte's Gull Julian picked out an imm Spoonbill flying around the East flood eventually heading towards the west flood , Bearded Tits were " Pinging " in the reed beds and showing occasionally , plus Murray pointed out a Turtle Dove on it's favoured perch.

Here' a few more pics of the Bonaparte's Gull.

Black bill & black hood.

Bonaparte's Gull.

Great birding session and great to meet up with some very familiar faces.


  1. Gull looks a bit confused to be surrounded by all those waders...

    1. Hi Simon , there were a couple of Black Headed Gulls to it's right just out of shot


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