Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Singing Icterine ......... At Bishopstone

Singing Icterine Warbler.

News of a singing Icterine Warbler  at Bishopstone Lane near Reculver on Sunday afternoon filtered though to me via a txt from Chidders (thanks mate) and bird news services,  however i could not get over there til Monday morning at the earliest .

Having a look around.

So early Monday morning just before 6am i was on site at Bishopstone Lane and as soon as i got out of my car i could hear this superb songster , i quickly joined the only other birder on site , Derek Smith ( good to meet you ). We watched and listened to this cracking bird for a good hour , it was constantly singing and put on a superb show for us.

Yellowish underparts.

Note pale wing panels.

In full song.

The Icterine Warbler was quite territorial , every time a Willow Warbler came into the area it was singing from the Icterine would chase it off , giving a great size comparison , the Icterine being much bigger.

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