Thursday 13 August 2015

Black Storks in Middlebere Farm & Spurn


Black Stork coming out of the mist.

An early start on Sunday morning the 9th August saw me heading to Dorset in the hope of seeing the juvenile Black Stork that had been seen going to roost at Middlebere Farm. 

Having a fly around.

The viewing conditions were not great as there was a heavy morning mist covering the area the Stork had gone to roost , however the mist begun to lift and another birder picked out the Black Stork which was quite distant , however it got up and had a fly around and looked like it was going to land alot closer but just circled round and then flew further into the fields and dropped out of sight.

Black Stork flying into the mist.

I did see it again a bit later on but was always distant , this was a welcome year tick for me, other birds of note were 2 Spoonbill , 14 Little Egrets , 2 Water Rails , Kingfisher , Dartford Warbler and at least 3 Garden Warblers.


Black Stork.

 On Monday 10th August  another early start  saw me heading to Spurn and despite an hour delay on the A1 i made good time and just as i pulled up by the Coach & Anchor pub at Spurn my phone beeped and news was positive .

In flight.

I made my way around to view the Black Stork and was straight onto the bird as it just slept in the field , still fairly distant but closer than the Dorset bird , after awhile the Black Stork woke up and started to preen before walking out of sight in a near by dyke .

I thought that was it until as i was deciding of what to do next the Black Stork flew out of hiding in the company of a Little Egret and flew quite close to me giving cracking views , it flew over the pub and out of sight.

Black Stork & Little Egret.

The Black Stork was only seen one more time that morning and not seen since in the area , so i was very fortunate to see it when i did .

Juvenile Black Stork.

This bird was ringed ( Ring number F05P) at it's nest in Bossus-Les-Rumigny , Ardennes in France in June of this year and one of it's siblings is currently residing in Scotland.

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