Friday, 7 August 2015

Mega Flock of Little Terns plus Plenty of Waders at Oare

Mega flock of Little Terns.

I paid an evening visit to Oare Marshes yesterday the 6th August in the hope of seeing the large number of Little Terns  that had been reported and wow what a sight it was to , the most i can ever recall seeing in a single flock , the agreed amount was 220+ birds roosting on the East Flood , every so often they were spooked by a juvenile gull and took to the air giving a tremendous spectacle.

Little Terns.

It was very difficult to get a definite total of the  amount  of Little Terns present but as i said earlier the general consensuses was at least 220 birds , fantastic to see so many and they are most probably from the East Anglia population .

Coming into land.

Roosting on the East Flood.

There were 1000's of waders present including 20+ adult Curlew Sandpipers , 2 Wood Sandpipers , 2 Little Stints , 14+ Greenshanks & 10+ Knot.

4 moulting Ad Curlew Sandpipers.

Adult Curlew Sandpiper .

Two Little Stints.

Wing stretching .

Whilst having another look through the Little Terns Geoff Burton picked out a couple of Black Terns which seemed to appear out of nowhere and were a very welcome year tick.

Black Tern.

Black Tern calling.

There were in fact 3 Black Terns in total , with the other two in quite a bit of plumage moult.

Two Black Terns in moult.

Two Black Terns.

 Other waders noted were 2000+ Black Tailed Godwits , 200+ Avocets plus large numbers of Redshank  & Dunlin , 3 Common Snipe flew out of the flood towards the West Flood plus approx 3 Ruff & Golden Plover plus a single Common Sandpiper were on the far side of the East flood.

3 Golden Plovers alongside a Common Gull.

Wood Sandpiper.

Another digi scoped  Wood Sandpiper.

A really enjoyable birding session .


  1. Thats a stunning sight Rob I would imagine and a super session you had by the looks of it. Not many places in Kent can contend with Oare Marshes I think.

  2. Cheers Marc , the water levels are near perfect at Oare at the moment , really great looking through so many birds , well worth a look when you get a chance.

  3. It's more than stunning, especially when you consider that directly opposite Oare, on The Swale NNR, we are currently counting birds in ones and twos if we're lucky!

    1. Hi Derek , yes that does seem a bit surprising considering it's only just the other side of the Swale