Saturday 15 October 2016

My Kent Birding Highlights from Last Week

7th October   Restharrow Scrape

Jack Snipe at Restharrow Scrape.

Birding has been hectic this last couple of weeks and i have been here , there & everywhere which future blog posts will reveal once i get chance to sort through photos (and there are many).

However back to this blog post and on the 7th October i heard news of 3 Jack Snipe showing well at Restharrow scrape in Sandwich , i think these small waders are really cracking looking birds and i just couldn't resist a visit to see them , i arrived at the hide looking over the scrape in good time , there was approx half a dozen birders already present with some faces i recognized but as always i struggle with names .

Two Jack Snipe.

I was quickly told there was at least 6 Jack Snipe present !!!! , i eventually over the couple of hours i spent there saw all six birds and i am pretty sure that's the most i have seen at one time.

Having a feed.

Lovely markings.

Jack Snipe.

There was also several Common Snipe present and the size difference is huge.

Jack Snipe & Common Snipe.

I finished my birding session here with a walk around the Elms and added several Goldcrest and a single Firecrest to my days totals.

10th October  Oare Marshes

Juvenile Long Billed Dowitcher.

News of a Long Billed Dowitcher at Oare Marshes broke on Sunday the 9th October but i couldn't get there til the next morning , when i arrived  i did a scan across the East flood and sure enough right in front of the pull in was this cracking juvenile Long Billed Dowitcher showing very well indeed .

Broad supercillium.

Having a snooze.

Curlew Sandpiper & Long Billed Dowitcher.

Really smart birds.

The Long Billed Dowitcher was joined by a Curlew Sandpiper for some of the time which was a real bonus.


  1. Quail have those feathers on the back that are almost more like spines


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