Monday 17 October 2016

Siberian Accentor ..... At Easington Plus a Bonus Bird at Flamborough Head

Siberian Accentor.

After dipping the Siberian Accentor on Shetland last Tuesday i couldn't believe my eyes when i read one had been found at Easington in Yorkshire on Thursday , plans were put into place and an early start had me heading there on Friday the 14th October.

Digi scoped photo of the Siberian Accentor.

I joined the large number of birders already present and waited with baited breath that it would still be present as the morning light made the area viewable , the shout went up as the bird was soon located , however i didn't join in the rush  and waited for my chance to see it once the crowd had settled down .

I had fantastic views of this much sought after bird , this was the 2nd record for the UK and has now increased to 4 records in a week in the UK which is amazing.  

Siberian Accentor.

A massive thanks to Spurn Bird Observatory volunteers who organised the event fantastically well and made sure everyone had great views of the bird (i queued up 4

 I then drove into Spurn but decided it was far to busy there so i decided to head off to Flamborough Head which proved to be an inspired decision !!!

Pied Wheatear 

I arrived at Flamborough head and headed of down the Permissive path to look for migrants , i reached the stubble field near the bottom of the path and checked it out , lots & lots of Thrushes mainly Redwing & Blackbirds a single Northern Wheatear plus lots of Linnets & Goldfinches , i then saw 5 Shorelarks fly in from further up the field.


As i was watching the Shorelarks with other birders one of them said , ' There's a Pied Wheatear at the back of the field ',  OMG he was right !!!

The Pied Wheatear headed straight for us and gave some great views , what a bonus and a very welcome year tick for me.

Pied Wheatear.

Tail pattern.

Cracking bird to see.

The Pied Wheatear didn't stay still for long as it made it's way across the field , eventually it reached the path near the cliff but was flushed into the next field by 2 dogs , i relocated it in the next field as it walked / flew along the muddy path before it again flew further along the cliff and out of sight.

Pied Wheatear.

Another really great day out  , Yorkshire what a birding Mecca !!!