Tuesday 6 December 2016

Dusky Thrush in Derbyshire

Dusky Thrush at Beeley in Derbyshire.

News broke on twitter on Sunday 4th December of a Dusky Thrush photographed at a private site in Derbyshire by Rachel Jones who was trying to make arrangements with the landowner to get permission to allow access for viewing and details would be confirmed the following morning on the 5th December.

Dusky Thrush in the orchard.

News of the Dusky Thrush both being present & viewing access arranged on the 5th  got my wheels in motion and i was out the door at around 9.30am , i missed the rush hour traffic but encounted the aftermath with traffic hold ups on the M25 and an accident on the M11 making my journey quite horrible and longer than expected , however i arrived at Beeley at 2.15pm and made my way around to the orchard and within minutes i saw the Dusky Thrush in one of the trees.

Cracking bird.

Eventually the Dusky Thrush landed in the grass and was feeding happily but was often spooked by a Blackbird, i also saw it in a tree near the playing fields which showed very well through the scope but the light was awful for photos (that's my excuse anyway) .

Dusky Thrush.

I was so pleased to finally see a Dusky Thrush for the first time , especially after missing the Margate bird in 2014 when i was on Iona looking at Corncrakes.

Many thanks to Rachel Jones for putting the news out and arranging viewing access at the lovely village of Beeley in Derbyshire.


  1. Folk will be having tatts of that one done like I've seen with the siberian accentor. Like its white collar.

    1. Thanks Simon , luckily by the time i got there was only a small number of birders (lot's more since)


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