Tuesday 13 December 2016

Waxwings........ at Strood


On Sunday morning  the 11th December i headed to Strood in the hope of seeing the 3 Waxwings that had taken up residence opposite The Bounty Pub.

Having already dipped on the Stonelees Waxwings on two separate occasions i was quite keen to see these cracking looking birds.

Lovely bright red undertail coverts .

When i first arrived the Waxwings were keeping high up in a tree having just fed on berries before i got there, however after a few minutes they flew down and had another feed on the scrumptious looking berries !!!!!

Getting ready to fly down for a feed.

They didn't stay down feeding for long before they flew back up high in the tree again , they are such cracking looking birds and always prove popular with birders.



  1. Great set Rob of some lovely birds indeed.

    1. Thanks Marc , hopefully we will get a few more birds down this way this winter.


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