Saturday 4 February 2017

Local Waxwings

Male Waxwing.

Waxwings have to be high up on most birders must see birds of any winter  and every now and again we in the UK get whats called an 'Eruption' of Waxwings which means a large influx of Waxwings arriving in the Uk due to their main food supply of berries being in poor supply in Scandinavia and /or Northern Russia.

Feeding on berries.

I was delighted to hear that 2 such Waxwings were being seen along Gordon Road Whitstable last week  (there have been 1000's seen all over the UK this winter) , i saw them on both Monday & Tuesday 30th & 31st January.

Lovely plumage on these birds.

They were staying loyal to one berry laden tree in particular and were allowing quite close views whilst they gauged themselves on the delicious berries.

The red wax marking on the wing is stunning.



  1. Beautiful birds! I have no idea where the rowans they love are round here however! No sightings reported in my town


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