Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Bossenden & Thornden Woods

Nuthatch at Bossenden Woods.

Over the last week i have been doing some woodland birdwatching and my quest was to try and at least hear and hopefully see a Lesser Spotted Woodpecker , one day last week i went to Bossenden wood , i have heard them there before but no luck this time , however local bird photographers have set up a feeding station which was busy with at least 3 Nuthatch & several Coal Tits coming into feed.

Coal Tit at feeding station.

I know there is alot of mixed opinions on this form of bird feeding 'just to get the photo' but i have to say i don't really see the harm in it myself (at least they are only being shot with a camera and not a gun !!). As always providing the birds are not being hassled or disturbed by over enthusiastic photographers (birds welfare must come first) then i don't see a problem plus the birds are getting fed at a time of year their main food supply is in low supply.

Male Chaffinch.


I spent quite sometime walking around Bossenden and saw plenty of Blue ,Great, Coal & Long tailed Tits but no Marsh Tits , at least 3 Great spotted Woodpeckers and a single Green Woodpecker,  i heard Treecreeper and saw at least 2 Goldcrests.

Thornden Wood

Male Lesser Spotted Woodpecker.

Yesterday the 20th February i also called into Thornden Wood and took of on one of the side trials , i heard a Lesser Redpoll overhead but couldn't see it , i then continued along the trail and also heard both Great Spotted & Green Woodpeckers , i decided to wait around in this area just in case and after about 20 mins nothing else was heard or seen so i decided to head off and just as i started to walk i heard a Lesser Spotted Woodpecker , it got closer and closer and there it was in the tree right by me , Wow what a bird !!!

Lovely red crown on this bird.

After i had watched this bird for quite sometime i carried on my walk adding various different species as i went until i finally caught up with 3 Lesser Redpolls feeding in an Alder tree , a really enjoyable walk through the woods however it's abit of a dog walkers heaven and even though they are meant to be kept on leads most were not and often came running up barking at you which can be a bit daunting at times.



  1. Also they provide yougsters with a good opportunity for seeing birds they may not get on a garden feeder


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