Monday 13 March 2017

Record Breaking Garganey......... At Reculver

Drake Garganey 

On Saturday the 11th March there were lots of reports of Garganey being seen around Kent bird reserves including a drake bird at Cold harbour lagoon in Reculver and this was the one i chose to go and hopefully see .

Birds normally show quite well (if still present) at Cold harbour lagoon , i decided to walk in from the Towers as it was such glorious weather , as predicted the car park was really busy but fortunately i found a space but had no luck with the Black Redstart that had been seen earlier , perhaps just to busy with cars & people ??

Lovely marked bird.

As i made my way along the sea wall path i heard and saw  2 Chiffchaffs which were very vocal and a sure sign that spring has sprung ,  there were plenty of Bees buzzing along the seawall here & there but the only butterfly i saw was a Small Tortoiseshell .

Just dipping bill into water.

I eventually reached Cold harbour lagoon and instantly saw the drake Garganey which was among several Mallard .

Having a good feed.

Garganey are such exotic looking birds and are definitely one of my favourite ducks , on checking my bird records when i got home this proved to be a 'Record Breaking' Garganey as not only was it the first one i have ever seen at Reculver but it is also the earliest ever Garganey i have seen , beating my previous earliest record by 6 days.


I also added 3 Redshanks around the lagoon , there were lots of Meadow Pipits in full display mode along the sea wall plus plenty of vocal Dunnocks , Skylark, Corn Bunting & Stonechats which made the walk there and back very pleasant , on arriving back at the car park (which was still very busy) i had another look for the Black Redstart with no joy however i did get a good view of both Rock Pipit & Pied Wagtail.

Rock Pipit.

Pied Wagtail.


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    1. They really are , hope you see one soon Simon.

  2. Very nice post!!! You took such a nice set of pictures of the Drake Garganey. Thanks for sharing.


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