Wednesday 8 March 2017

Black Brants & Owls ... At Seasalter

Sleeping Black Brant.

On the 6th of March i called into South Swale NR to have a look at the large Dark Bellied Brent Goose flock that held 1 or possibly 2 Black Brants , they were quite far out on the mud flats on the Swale when i got there but eventually they had a fly around and luckily came closer.

Mike.G. who was also present picked out a Black Brant which was quite near the front of the flock and showed well before going to sleep but even then the distinctive white flank and large white collar were very noticeable and it's overall darker appearance was evident. We thought we located a 2nd bird but inconclusive views were obtained.

Black Brant.

The geese were spooked once again this time by a helicopter and luckily for us they flew behind us and landed on the grazing marsh behind us , another scan through the 1000+ Dark Bellied Brent Geese produced 2 adult Black Brants which were side by side at one point , they are only a subspecies but really smart geese to see all the same.

Short Eared Owl.

Yesterday the 7th March i once again called into South Swale NR at Seasalter however this time i was looking for Owls , whilst sitting in my car i saw a Marsh Harrier mobbing a Short Eared Owl which to my delight land on gate post and distant but decent views were obtained.

Having a look around.

Eventually it flew off west and i didn't see it again whilst i was there , as luck would have it i also had really great views of a Barn Owl which also perched on the fence posts from time to time and flew quite close in as well, i never tire of seeing Owls and left for home very happy.

On fence post.

Barn Owl.

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