Monday 4 December 2017

Iceland Gull .......Ramsgate Harbour

1st winter Iceland Gull.

Yesterday morning the 3rd December i went to Ramsgate Harbour to hopefully see :  Iceland Gull, Purple Sandpiper & Snow Bunting !!!

I bumped into 3 other birders there and none of them had seen the Iceland Gull but Purple Sandpiper & Snow Bunting had been seen.

I went to the furthest point beyond the cafe on the East Pier and managed to see 2 Purple Sandpipers which were a very welcome addition to my year list .

2 Purple Sandpipers.

Purple Sandpiper.

I was really pleased to see these birds as i keep missing/dipping the Hampton one, i had missed the 3 Snow Buntings on 2 occasions as they kept getting flushed, however Turnstones are much more confiding and present great photo opportunity's.


Later in the morning whilst talking to Mike.G. near the cafe i picked out the 1st winter Iceland Gull near the fishing boats back by the slipway , we made our way around there and enjoyed some very close views of this superb bird.

On checking my records the Iceland Gull is a new bird for my Thanet Bird List, here are a selection of the many photos i took. 

Iceland Gull.

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