Friday, 23 July 2021

9 Years and Counting.....

                                         17th July 2021  :  Oare Marshes



Adult Bonaparte's Gull. 

As the headline of this blog post indicates the returning Bonaparte's Gull has now appeared for it's 9th year .

Superb plumage.

The Bonaparte's Gull is in superb plumage when it first turns up , dark black head (which extends down the nape a bit further then BHG) with white eye crescents which really stand out plus a small black bill and really bright red legs are all good features to look for when trying to locate the Bonaparte's Gull.

Bonaparte's Gull.

We actually heard the Bonaparte's Gull Call  on 3 separate occasion's on Saturday, a much higher pitched call compared to BHG.

According to Wikipedia Bonaparte's Gulls can live up to 18 years of age so hopefully we will be lucky enough to enjoy this bird for a few more years yet.

Bonaparte's Gull