Monday 7 May 2012

Oare Marshes .. 2 new Site ticks

3 Avocets .

I spent a couple of hours at Oare Marshes yesterday morning , the weather wasn't that great , quite windy and overcast , i arrived on site and joined the already assembled birders in the hope of seeing the Grasshopper Warbler that had recently made Oare its home , i instantly heard it " reeling " but could not locate the bird , they are prone to turn their heads when reeling giving you a false sense of their whereabouts , however this bird seems to show itself out in the open when its reeling , alas not today mainly because of the windy conditions.

Injured Black Tailed Godwit.

I went off to check the East flood and soon i was watching a Common Sandpiper which i needed for my year list ,  i also noticed a close Black Tailed Godwit which only had 1 and half legs poor thing , it  was missing the lower part of its right leg and foot , hopefully this wont hinder the bird to much , there were quite a few Avocets nearby but no small waders of any note .

I made my way back to the Gropper , not long after i got back i heard a Nightingale ,  first one i have heard this year plus the second new bird for me at Oare with Grasshopper Warbler being my first OMST , the Gropper started reeling again and i briefly saw it low down in the grass .