Sunday 27 May 2012

Stodmarsh Terns up the Goods.......

White Winged Black Tern .

Firstly sorry about the cheesy title of this post , however on hearing news about 2 adult White Winged Terns  at Stodmarsh yesterday i couldn't resist going to see them , i have had a really long depressing week at work and these were the right medicine to cheer me up , Congratulations to Martyn Wilson who found these stunning birds , on his birthday too !! .

Underwing shot of White Winged Black Tern .

I met up with Martyn , Chidders , Marc  and Adam  along the Lampen wall overlooking the main lake where the 2 Terns put on an amazing display for us all flying directly over head at times , whilst we were watching the main attraction Marc Heath picked out a Sandwich Tern which is a real rarity in the Valley , there were several Common Terns nearby plus a good number of Hobbies zipping about , i watched these birds for approx an hour when Martyn , Chidders and Adam went off towards the Water meadows and i had loads to do at home , so a really enjoyable session with great company .