Friday, 13 November 2015

Crag Martin & Crooked Spire in Chesterfield Derbyshire

The famous St.Mary's church.

I travelled up to Chesterfield in Derbyshire   on Monday the 9th November in the hope of seeing the Crag Martin that had been seen flying around the famous crooked spire on St.Mary's church the previous day , the news was positive as we made our way up the M1 and through the never ending road works .

I eventually arrived at 1pm and the bird had gone missing , don't worry i was told . it doe's that alot but always comes back , (heard that on many twitches .......).

The crooked spire.

Well someone sighted the Crag Martin the other side from where i was standing and the rest of the gang headed off with me in pursuit , but we were to late , it then reappeared very briefly and i managed to see it on 3 occasions around about 1.20pm , it then was lost to view and not seen again that day , not great views to be honest but did see it well enough to id it .

Crag Martin photo by Phil Wollen.

This was a new bird for me in the UK however i have seen lots abroad , really smart birds , i never managed a photo myself , the above photo was taken by Phil Wollen , many thanks for the use of your photo Phil.

The photo below is one i took in Spain last year and shows the white mirrors on the tail.

Crag Martin in Spain 2014.

Crag Martin seen on the 14th 

I had another look on the 14th , much better views this time .


  1. This is a famous bird, as far as I can see! What on earth it is doing in Chesterfield, I have no idea.

    1. Hi Simon , yes it's certainly along way of course , it's a young bird so guessing it got caught up in some sort of weather system , hopefully it will find it's way back to Europe.


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