Sunday 15 November 2015

Crag Martin & Crooked Spire ....Again , Plus Oare Marshes !!!

10th November 

Black Tailed Godwit.

I popped over to Oare marshes on Tuesday morning for an hour to try and get some practise taking flight shots of birds as this is an area i really struggle with , it's was quite overcast and windy however i just sat in my car overlooking the East flood from the pull-in , here are a few selected pics i managed.

Black Tailed Godwit.


Common Snipe.

14th November

Crooked Spire.

I went up to Chesterfield for my 3rd this week , having only had very brief views on the Monday and dipping on the Wednesday,  we all thought (well i did) that the Crag Martin had moved on after dipping it on Wednesday however remarkably it reappeared on Thursday & again on Friday!!! ,  i made plans to head up to Chesterfield again on Saturday and i left at approx 4.30am arriving at 7.30am .

Crag Martin.

I joined the already assembled birders noticing a few very familiar faces , and the wait begun , half past 8 came and went , still no sign , half 9 & half 10 soon followed , still no sign !!!

Fast flying bird indeed.

I was talking to Russell G who i hadn't seen since the Trimley Pacific Swift , and the shout went up .... THERE IT IS !!!!!!!!!! The Crag Martin flew over our heads and headed straight for the crooked spire , the crowd all let out a major sigh of relief and joy was on everyone's faces .

 It was hard enough just trying to follow it through my bin's , however i had superb views and decided i would try and get some photo's , it has to go down as my hardest bird ever to try and photograph , here are a selection of photo's i took of this awesome bird.

White mirrors in the tail.

Eurasian Crag Martin.

We watched this bird for nearly 45 minutes as it swooped and flew around the spire , giving some breath taking views at times , then it was time to head home .

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