Tuesday, 20 April 2021

Barcombe & Warnham LNR

                                               9th & 13th  April :  Barcombe


White Throated Sparrow.

2 trips to Barcombe to see the superb looking White Throated Sparrow were taken in April and both times the bird was quite elusive, however with a bit of patience the WTS eventually showed really well on the 9th.

White throated Sparrow.

The WTS was alot more elusive on the 13th but was heard singing most of the time, some great views were obtained on the ground and i also saw it briefly on the picnic table.

White Throated Sparrow.

13th April  :  Warnham LNR

After enjoying the White throated Sparrow on the 13th i decided to head to Warnham LNR to hopefully see the long staying Little Bunting, and i was not disappointed.

Digi scoped Little Bunting

Little Bunting

I think these birds are really great looking Buntings and to see this bird so close was a real treat.

Little Bunting.

Other birds coming to the bird feeders included a smart ♂ Siskin and a  Marsh Tit.

♂ Siskin

Marsh Tit.

It was also very good to see a Wood Mouse & a Bank Vole.

Wood Mouse.

Bank Vole.