Friday, 16 April 2021

Some Local Birding.........

                                          April 7th  2021 :  Ashford Community Wood



Pied Flycatcher.

A first time visit to Ashford Community Wood on the 7th April was rewarded with superb views of a ♂ Pied Flycatcher in stunning summer plumage, I only normally see them in their autumn plumage which is not quite as stunning.

Pied Flycatcher.

11th April 2021  :  Graveney Marshes

Grasshopper Warbler

News of a fresh in Grasshopper Warbler just down the road from where I live last Sunday morning was a welcome treat, Chidders had heard then saw the bird and put news out (good find mate) , on arrival it didn't take long for the Grasshopper Warbler to start 'Reeling' and eventually it showed well in front of it's favoured bramble bush.

Grasshopper Warbler.

There was also 2 Wheatear & 1 Common Whitethroat seen on the sea wall, plus several Sedge Warbler could be heard and seen in the nearby reed bed, a single Yellow Wagtail flew overhead and a female Merlin was briefly seen dashing over the seawall .



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