Saturday, 3 April 2021

Northern Mockingbird & American Herring Gull

                                     Iona Avenue, Exmouth Devon 



Northern Mockingbird

I finally gave into temptation and travelled down to Exmouth to see the long staying Northern Mockingbird , I didn't stay long, just long enough to see the bird and take a couple of photo's then left the site , the bird was in the Holly tree and showed very well.

Northern Mockingbird.

Newlyn Harbour  Cornwall

So after the Northern Mockingbird i carried on my trip to Cornwall to see what would hopefully be my 2nd Lifer of the trip American Herring Gull.

Thankfully this proved successful and very good views were obtained, here are a selection of photo's i took :

Blends in well with background.

Long Billed.

Long primaries

Black tail band & secondaries

Bulky bird.

Dusky underwing.

American Herring Gull.