Saturday 20 November 2010

Reculver plus Devon again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hooded Crow.

I spent the morning on Saturday 13th November at Reculver and enjoyed good views of the Hooded Crow which has taken up residence there , it was mainly seen near the oyster farm and was keeping company with about 20 Carrion Crows , this was a welcome year tick and a new bird for me at this site . Here are some more photos :

Hooded Crow with 2 Carrion Crows for company.

I also saw a Peregrine having a tussle with a Marsh Harrier and approx 400 Dark-Bellied Brent Geese flew into a nearby field .

14th November 2010

On Sunday 14th November i headed to Exminster Marshes in the hope of seeing the American Robin ,  i arrived at approx 9.45 am and the weather was awful , steady rain with no sign of letting up , i made my way around towards the Turf hotel , there was negative news no sign all morning , this looked very much like another west country dip , the news was that the American Robin had flown off towards a slightly further away hedge row and possibly beyond on the Saturday , i had a look over the estuary and added 3 Red-Breasted Mergansers , and a close view of a Kingfisher barely lifted my spirits , i then headed back to where the bird was last seen on the Saturday and joined several other hopeful birders , the rain was becoming heavier and i was soon like a drowned rat with moods to match , i had been standing there for nearly 2 hours when some thrushes started to appear along the hedge row , plenty of Redwings , Song Thrush and Blackbird but alas now American Robin, in some ways i though that the Thrushes are now feeding but i also thought if the main attraction was still present i would have seen it by now.

 I really thought i had dipped when the chap standing to my left put the very much welcome " I'VE GOT IT !!! "  shout out , it had appeared on the ground below the hedge row , great scope views but to distant for a photo even though i tried , it flew up into the bush then back down again , it eventually flew alot closer and at times great views were obtained , this was  a really great year tick for me , i did get some quite terrible record shots and i apologize for how awful they are , but what a stunning mind numbing bird to see .

Record shots of American Robin.