Monday, 15 November 2010

Scilly Season...Final Part.... Last 2 days and Journey home .


Thursday 28th was a fairly quite day after the excitement of yesterdays top birds , i heard in total 3 Yellow-Browed Warblers in various locations and saw a possible Siberian Chiffchaff in the Green farm area but sadly although it looked good i did not hear it call , my main event today was at Lower moors , i headed there in the hope of getting a photo of a Jack snipe , when i entered the ISBG hide it was completely empty , so i opened the flap very slowly and quietly so as not to disturb any potential bird that might be close by , as i opened the flap i instantly saw this very close Greenshank and i know its not a rare bird but it was a great opportunity to get some close photos .


I was so pleased to get these photos and they are my favourite pictures to date . well from here i was just about to leave Lower moors and head off back to my b & b when i encountered a stunning Firecrest keeping company with 3 Goldcrest , really fantastic birds to see.  Well my last days birding on Scilly was Friday 29th and i added 2 " Scilly  ticks " the first one was a female Red-Breasted Merganser which was seen near a juv Common Scoter at Porthcressa beach , and later in the day i was at the Dump clump when news came over the CB that 2 Spoonbills were flying towards this direction and sure enough they flew over head and circled round then headed back to were they came from , very windy today and i did a brief sea watch and really only added Gannet, Kittiwake and several Shags to the days total , i also went up to the Garrison and saw this very showy Stonechat .


The trip home was a quick drive to Pentewan to try for the second time to see the Green Heron , and this time i was successful .

Green Heron.

Well that was the end of my holiday , i never got any lifers but plenty of year ticks 16 in total , the experience of Scilly is one not to be missed , the social aspect is very good to , meeting new and old friends exchanging news on whats around and general discussions is amazing , if you have never been then i would recommend you try and go and experience these wonderful islands . Here are some scenes from the Islands plus the Helicopter that i went on to get there and back .

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