Sunday 21 November 2010

Rustic Delight......... in Whitstable !!!!

Rustic Bunting.

I was just about to head of to meet a good friend of mine for dinner when the pager alerted me that there was a Rustic Bunting less then 10 minutes from my house , wow i chucked all my birding gear in the car and headed off and was on site watching the bird within 15 minutes , the last Rustic Bunting that i saw in Kent was way back in the eighties and this was a very much welcome sight , it was calling on and off and spent most of its time either in the tree in the above photo or on the ground just the other side of the path .

Rustic Bunting , note the peaked crown.

I watched this bird for about 45 minutes then had to reluctantly go , i was already late , but hey you can't not go for a local Rustic Bunting  now can you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!